This table aggregates membership for all versions of the Acknowledgement object.

Versioned schema members

Any object member specific to a range of versions is indicated in its description, at what version the member was either introduced or removed. Any listed data member with no version number is common to all versions of the object.

Acknowledgement: Encapsulates information needed to acknowledge an enrollment change.
acknowledgementEnumerationrequired: The state for which this Acknowledgement is submitted, either acknowledge, deny.
hashStringrequired: A hash is the state that this request acknowledges. You use this when you want to be explicit about what state you're acknowledging in order to prevent race conditions, such as when the state changes while the acknowledgement POST operation is in progress.

Sample v1 object

The original version of the object splits the main certificate and trust chain data. It uses this MIME type:

    "acknowledgement": "acknowledge",
    "hash": "24fb6fb91d290370c13a39e76afc1b26"