Interactions with Property Manager

Policy activation

During policy activation you can associate a Cloudlets policy version with one or more properties that are within a compatible group.

You can do this by setting the additionalPropertyNames member in Activate a policy version.

If you want to associate a property with a specific Cloudlets policy, use the Property Manager API to add the name of the Cloudlets policy to the Cloudlet behavior within the property.

Conditional origins

A Conditional Origin is a type of origin server that you can forward Cloudlets requests to. You can use Conditional Origins with the following Cloudlets: Application Load Balancer, Audience Segmentation, Forward Rewrite, and Phased Release. The base rules for all Conditional Origins are set up in the Property Manager API. You do not need to activate the property version containing the Conditional Origins in order to use the Conditional Origins with the Cloudlets API. You only need to make the changes and issue a PUT request to save your changes.