Cloudlets API v2

Cloudlets are value-added applications that complement Akamai's core delivery solutions to solve specific business challenges. Cloudlets bring a site's business logic closer to the end user by placing it on the "edge" of the content delivery platform.

The Cloudlets v2 API allows you to create and view Cloudlet policies and policy versions. In addition, use this API to

  • activate a Cloudlet policy version on either the staging or production networks.

  • delete a Cloudlet policy.

  • view group-level information about a particular Cloudlet.

Use this API with the following Cloudlets:

  • Application Load Balancer. Provides intelligent, scalable traffic management across physical, virtual, and cloud-hosted data centers without requiring the origin to send load feedback. This Cloudlet can automatically detect load conditions and route traffic to the optimal data source while maintaining custom routing policies and
    consistent visitor session behavior for your visitors.

  • API Prioritization. Allows you to specify, for applications that call resources of various formats (like JSON or XML), which calls are given priority and are sent to the origin during high-demand situations. Based on information in the inbound request, you configure the rules that determine which calls are prioritized.

  • Audience Segmentation. Provides hassle-free traffic segmentation and stickiness without degrading performance. This is often beneficial for A/B and multivariate testing.

  • Edge Redirector. Helps you more efficiently manage large numbers of redirects. By executing redirects at the Akamai Edge, you can reduce round trips to the origin and offload hits from your origin infrastructure.

  • Forward Rewrite. Helps you create, based on in-bound request information, human-readable and search engine optimization-friendly (SEO-friendly) URLs for dynamically-generated pages.

  • Phased Release. Provides, at the edge, a mechanism to define a percentage of your visitors and direct them to a different origin while maintaining visitor stickiness.

  • Request Control. Allows you to provide conditional access to your website or application by defining and managing allow lists and block lists based on a number of match criteria, including the IP address and geography associated with incoming requests.

  • Visitor Prioritization. Helps maintain business continuity for your dynamic application through the use of a waiting room page in high-demand situations.


This API does not support the Image Converter Cloudlet. For more information, see Property Manager API.