The various activation operations allow you to activate a policy version on the selected network, or retrieve current or historical activation information for a Cloudlet policy.

To use the activation operations, you need to know the version of the policy you want to activate or view. The following are the activation statuses that are returned with the response:

inactive. The policy version has not been activated. No active property versions reference this policy.

active. The policy version is currently active (published) and its associated property version is also active.

deactivated. The policy version was previously activated but it has been superseded by a more recent activation of another policy version.

pending. The policy version is proceeding through the activation workflow.

failed. The policy version activation workflow has failed.


If a failure occurs and you are not sure of the cause, be sure to include the statusDetail and the status code from the response in any tickets you file.

You can activate a policy version on a network if it is associated with a property and has a status of either inactive, failed, or deactivated. Policies with a pending status cannot be reactivated.


Policies with no active versions do not contain activation information in the response body.