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Test Center is a testing tool that checks the effect configuration changes will have on your web property. It gives you the possibility to ensure, before the activation, that they are not behaving in an unexpected manner. It helps prevent issues caused by misconfiguration and insufficient testing and increases your confidence in the safety and correctness of the configuration changes.

Test Center is a contract-aware application and it can be used with Property Manager and Security configurations. It was designed as an addition to your existing tests and workflows, and not as their replacement.Test Center lets you run two types of tests, functional and comparative. With functional testing, you can check if the configuration changes work as expected. With comparative testing, you can compare the behavior of a hostname between the current and new configurations.


For the documentation purposes, the term Test objects means all objects for which a test can be run in Test Center, namely requirements, config versions, tests suites, test cases, and test definitions.

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