Create and manage comparative objects

Here you can find information about how to create test definitions and manage them and included test cases.

Create a test definition

Learn how to create a test definition with associated test cases.

To create a test definition:

  1. Go to > CDN > Test Center.

  2. In the left menu, click .

  3. To create a test definition:

    1. Above the main list, click Create.
      create test definition
    2. Configure the test definition's settings.
    3. Click Save.
  4. To add test cases to it:

    1. Expand the created test definition from the list and in its Included test cases tab, click Add.
      create test cases
    2. Provide a Name and optionally a description for the test case.
    3. Enter the test request’s URL to test. It needs to contain the protocol, hostname, path, and any applicable string parameters. For example
    4. Add, remove, or modify the Customized headers of the request. You can also Insert Pragma headers to include ​​Akamai​Pragma headers in the request.
    5. Specify the Comparisons to run during a test run. To learn more, check Comparisons.
  5. Click Save.

What to do next
Run a comparative test

Clone, edit, delete and share comparative objects

  1. To edit, clone, or delete a test definition, expand the test definition of interest and click either the edit , the clone , or the delete icon . Follow the on-screen instructions. Click the share icon to get a shareable link to send to others.
  2. To edit, remove, or clone comparative test cases included in a test definition:
    1. Expand the test definition that includes the test cases you want to manage.
    2. In the Included test cases tab, hover over a single test case to manage and select an appropriate option:
      • to edit.
      • to delete.
      • to clone.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions.