Test Center API


In 2023, Akamai will discontinue API v1 and v2 and will release Test Center API v3. We’ll notify you about the decommission of API v1 and v2 six months in advance, but we encourage you to start planning now.


We’re in progress of Test Center API v3 development. Because of this, Test Center API v2 is undergoing behavior changes and is subject to certain limitations:

  1. Until now, test cases could not be duplicated. Now, there can be many
    test cases with the same test request, condition, and client profile. They’ll have different IDs.
  2. Each test case can be included in only one test suite. To include a test case in more than one test suite, create the same test case for each test suite.
  3. Variables are not supported. This feature will be enabled in Test Center API v3.

These updates may result in changes of test case IDs included in your test suites. If you captured the test suite with associated test cases or hard-coded the test suite and test case IDs, fetch the included test cases again.

Test Center allows you to test how configuration changes affect your web content on ​Akamai​ edge network. Prior to activation, you can check to make sure they're not behaving in an unexpected manner. This testing tool helps to prevent issues caused by misconfiguration and insufficient testing, increasing your confidence in the safety and correctness of your configuration changes.

The application provides two types of testing: functional and comparative.

  • With functional testing, you can assert expected conditions to positively confirm that a new business requirement or config version behaves as intended.
  • With comparative testing, you can compare how hostnames are delivered after changes are applied with how they're currently delivered to real users. And you can see if there are any unexpected differences that may indicate a problem.

Test Center is a contract-aware application and it can be used with Property Manager and Security configurations. It serves as an addition to your existing tests and workflows, not as their replacement.

Use this API as part of an automated system to test your configuration changes before activating them. You can use this API to:

  • Run functional and comparative testing.
  • Manage objects created in Test Center: requirements, config versions, test suites, conditions, test requests, test definitions, and functional and comparative test cases.
  • Manage and view results of test runs.
  • Accept diffs in comparative testing results.
  • View your organization's Test Center activity.