User permissions

Your basic access to any application depends on what apps and services you purchased, and what is assigned as a part of your account and contract.

Beyond that, an administrator can create and assign roles to grant individual users access to applications. For detailed instructions for managing users, roles, and permissions, see Identity and Access Management.

Default user roles

Identity and Access Management has a set of pre-defined user roles. Check which role fulfills your needs. If you prefer, you can also grant your users individual permissions instead.

Purge byUser default role
URLAdmin and Publisher
ARL/Cache keyAdmin and Publisher
CP codeAdmin
Cache tagAdmin
Directory and file extensionAdmin

Administrator role

The Admin role has permission to purge content by cache tag, CP code, URL, ARL, and directory or file extension. The Admin is the only role that can purge content by cache tag. Other default roles (including Publisher) can't purge by cache tag unless authorized by the Admin.

For roles associated with individual users that want to purge content by cache tag, the Admin can assign a separate Purge by Cache Tag permission to the roles.


Purge is limited to your group

A user with a role within a specific group can only purge content by CP codes and URLs within that group. This is not the case when purging content by cache tag. Admins can use Purge by Cache Tag for content that they otherwise wouldn't have the ability to purge. Before assigning Purge by Cache Tag permission to users in a group, coordinate with other Admins to avoid conflicts, and follow Cache tag use cases for namespacing cache tags.

Alternatively, Admins can Enable Purge for API clients .

Publisher role

The Publisher role has permissions to purge content by URL and ARL only.

Editor and Viewer roles

The default Editor and Viewer roles don't have any permissions to purge.

Individual purge permissions

There are five individual permissions for purging that admins can assign when creating custom roles:

  • Content Control Utility - CCU only
  • Purge by URL, ARL, Directory & File Extension
  • Purge by Cache Tag
  • Purge - All methods except Media VOD Content
  • Purge Media VOD Content

Enable purge for API clients

For details on how to create an API client and configure credentials to access ​Akamai​ APIs, see Get Started with APIs.

You can authorize your API clients to purge content by cache tag and CP code. Configure the purge selections in Identity and Access Manager.