Purge content by URL

You can choose to purge content by identifying the URLs to be deleted or invalidated. Review purge permissions to make sure this option is available for your account.

  1. Under Purge content by, select URLs.

  2. In the entry field, type the URL, for example https://foo1.bar.com/some/path, or click Choose File to upload a file containing the URLs you want to purge. After the file is uploaded, the URLs appear in the entry field. Edit the URLs as required. When specifying multiple URLs, enter one URL per line.

    URL requirements

    Make sure all the URLs you provide meet these requirements:

    • Hostnames must be mapped to ​Akamai​ in the DNS CNAME record.

    • URLs must be full, not partial.

    • URLs don't include any wild cards. To use wild cards, see Purge content by directory and extensions.

    • URLs must contain a protocol — either http://or https://.


      HTTP and HTTPS protocols

      • In most cases, regardless of whether http or https protocol is specified, both versions are purged when either is submitted.
      • If you know that your configuration uses different cache keys for each protocol, or if you have a redirect in place from http to https, or if you see issues with stale content for the https version of your URL, use an ARL to purge the https version of the object or contact Akamai support for help.
    • A list of URLs cannot exceed 50,000 characters.

    • To successfully purge a URL, you must have permissions to purge content associated with that
      URL's CP code.

  3. Select the ​Akamai​ network on which you want to refresh content — either Production or Staging.

  4. Select a method — either Invalidate or Delete.

  5. Click Submit Purge.

A message appears at the top of the page, letting you know your request was accepted and will be completed within a few seconds. A support ID is also included.