ECCU performance considerations

Get familiar with these best practices to reduce the risk of traffic overload or other performance incidents.

  • Make sure you limit the number of matches to 250 or fewer. Submitting more than 250 invalidation requests at one time may result in a global invalidation — that is, revalidating all content for a host header. To avoid this, invalidate multiple objects or paths in one request, as described in Best practices for multiple requests.

  • Avoid matching on content that is unique to a single or few users.

  • Try to submit fewer than 100 requests per day. While processing more matches or requests on a particular day shouldn't result in any incidents, consistently exceeding the recommended limits may result in degraded performance, as measured by timely refreshing of the objects.

  • Note that the ECCU only invalidates content. If you need to actively remove any objects from your cache, use other purging categories.