Content delivery

Using Akamai’s CDN can have many advantages for your website and API performance, such as faster loading times, scalability, and security. It can also reduce the distance between your users and your content, lowering latency and improving the user experience.


Akamai’s CDN solutions drive performance and delivery to the edge, helping you to provide consistent user experiences. Our monitoring, reporting, and testing services reduce cloud application costs and improve your users’ availability and performance.


Optimize your user experience on any device or network. These services accelerate your applications and APIs anywhere with real-time data:

If you want to...Use
Optimize API performance and availability while enhancing user experiences.API Acceleration
Get an inside look at CDN performance with log data at scale.DataStream 2
Optimize application performance and avoid outages with intelligent load balancing.Global Traffic Management
Automatically optimize and enhance visual media for every user, on any device.Image & Video Manager
Improve HTML page load performance for your Ion property.Adaptive Acceleration


Get the best streaming experiences for the largest media events, game updates, and digital downloads with these services:

If you want to...Use
Deliver consistent, high-quality online video securely at massive scale.Adaptive Media Delivery
Deliver progressive media files quickly and reliably.Download Delivery
Save on costs and improve origin offload with a private cache footprint.Cloud Wrapper
Deliver a broadcast-quality experience to live-streaming viewers.Media Services Live
Store and protect content with the most globally distributed cloud storage.NetStorage
Deliver fast, engaging, and reliable user experiences on your sites and applications.Ion


Akamai's edge platform can put your applications closer to your users with these services:

If you want to...Use
Create functions at the edge on the largest distributed server-less network.EdgeWorkers
Supercharge your EdgeWorkers applications with a server-less, key-value store.EdgeKV
Deploy an authoritative DNS service, leveraging ​Akamai​'s worldwide DNS infrastructure.Edge DNS
Deliver better web experiences, made easy with robust, self-serviceable apps.Cloudlets
Analyze security events and monitor protections.Security Center

Monitoring, reporting, and testing

Collect, analyze, and measure your content's performance with these services:

If you want to...Use
Monitor how users interact with your apps and websites.mPulse
Retrieve data in a range of intervals, from five minutes to monthly, and optimize your services with custom reports.Reporting
Set thresholds to automate real-time notifications.Alerts
Stress test your websites and applications with real-time load testing.CloudTest