As the potential for attacks evolves and grows in our digital world, you need to build security into everything you do. Akamai’s cloud security services inject robust protection wherever your business meets the world.

Explore the ways Akamai’s security solutions can defend your websites, applications, and APIs, stop DDoS and DNS attacks, prevent abuse, and detect fraud.

Cloud security

These services protect your websites and APIs, giving you the confidence to innovate and expand your business online:

If you want to...Use
Detect and mitigate inauthentic user behavior that can lead to account takeover and stolen assets like bank account funds, gift card balances, and rare game items.Account Protector
Defend your site against attackers and identify suspicious and malicious script behaviors.Client-Side Protection & Compliance
Monitor and manage bot activity.Bot Manager
Safeguard your brand and take down threats immediately. Brand Protector
Mitigate threats against your websites and APIs.App & API Protector

Zero trust security

Administer your Zero Trust security strategy using Akamai's end-to-end portfolio of Zero Trust solutions to protect users, devices, and apps wherever they're located.

If you want to...Use
Create effective segmentation security policies that stop and hunt down evasive threats to your network.Akamai Guardicore Segmentation
Provide contractors, partners, vendors, and employees Zero Trust access to applications running behind a firewall or in a public cloud.Enterprise Application Access (EAA)
Protect your organization from DNS and web-based threats, enforce policies, and audit user Internet access.Secure Internet Access Enterprise (SIA)
Stop MFA bypass attacks with the strongest phish-proof FIDO2 multi-factor authentication.Akamai Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)