Cloud computing

Deploying and building applications quickly, at scale, and cost-effectively are challenges organizations of all sizes face today. Akamai Connected Cloud can provide your organization with the required computing resources and deployment strategies needed for your applications.

See how Akamai’s cloud computing services (compute, storage, networking, and containers) can provide the management you need to build, run, secure applications, and distribute workloads everywhere your business connects online.


These services provide a simple-to-use, open cloud where developers can innovate, build, release, and scale faster with virtual machines and tools for every workload:

If you want to...Use
Maximize performance with CPU instances that run on their own CPU cores in your cloud computing framework.Dedicated CPU compute instances
Run economical CPU instances for general workloads and substantial amounts of free bundled transfer.Shared CPU compute instances
Scale your applications on Kubernetes clusters with our fully managed container orchestration engine.Kubernetes Engine
Create functions at the edge on the largest distributed serverless network.EdgeWorkers
Assign GPUs for parallel processing workloads like machine learning and video processing.GPU Compute Instances


Cloud storage is frequently overlooked as a commodity service. Underperforming block storage is a bottleneck that works against initiatives to improve application response times. These services give you access to dependable storage and management:

If you want to...Use
Add persistent storage devices to store your data, such as website files, databases, and backups.Block storage volumes
Store files in flat data structures, also referred to as buckets, alongside their own rich metadata.Object Storage
Safeguard your CPU instance data with automatic backups.Backups


Your network is at the heart of your organization and is critical to your business and how it functions in today’s global digital ecosystem. These services secure your network, balance traffic, and control your infrastructure:

If you want to...Use
Secure your network and create firewall rules that safeguard selected ports and protocols from unwanted network traffic.Cloud Firewall
Define and manage inbound access control lists (ACLs) that are enforced at the Prolexic scrubbing edge.Prolexic Network Cloud Firewall
Defend and control your domain service infrastructure.DDoS Protection and DNS Manager
Scale your application or website to thousands of users.NodeBalancer


Based on your application resource requirements, your containerized applications should be able to scale in both directions, up and down. For this, you need a fast and simple Kubernetes cluster deployment to efficiently manage and schedule containers. Use our Kubernetes Engine to create, manage, and deploy your application infrastructure.

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