Rate limiting only applies to the Queries component of the mPulse API. The Query API returns a status code of 429 if these rate limits are exceeded.

These are the following rate limits for Queries:

  • Concurrent API calls: 3
  • API calls per minute: 100
  • API calls per hour: 10000
  • API calls per day: 50K

For Concurrent API calls, you can use the following formula to find out whether you will hit the concurrent limit:
Average Duration (in minutes) = Concurrent Limit / Maximum number of parallel requests

For example, if you execute 15 calls per minute and the concurrent limit is 3, then the call duration should be 1/5 minute (12 sec) or less (1/5 = 3 / 15). If you see warning messages that your calls have been limited you need to reduce the number of calls per minute.