EdgeWorkers imposes various limits on the number of activations, EdgeWorker IDs, and versions you can deploy. In some cases, you may have the option to override these limits. Contact your Akamai representative for more information.

You can also run the List limits operation to see the limits EdgeWorkers imposes on the number of activations, EdgeWorkers IDs, and versions you can deploy. If you exceed these limits, you will receive a 429 error response.

Various responses include HTTP headers that provide details on your current limits:

  • Custom headers suffixed *-Limit report on the overall limit.

  • Corresponding headers suffixed *-Remaining tell you how many items you have left to deploy.

  • For rate-limited activations, an additional *-Reset header lets you know when the current *-Remaining value rises to the original *-Limit value.

EdgeWorkers imposes these limits:

LimitDefault valueDescription
X-Limit-Ew-Id-Per-Account-Limit200Maximum number of EdgeWorker IDs per account.
X-Limit-Version-Per-Ew-Id-Limit1000Maximum number of versions per EdgeWorker ID.
X-RateLimit-Activation-Per-Network-Per-Minute-Limit20Maximum number of activations each minute on a network per account.
X-RateLimit-Activation-Per-Day-Limit500Maximum number of activations each day per account.