Analyze Recent activity

Use the Recent activity log to see information that can help identify the cause of a production issue.

It may be helpful to look for certain kinds of information:

  • If a test definition was run that compared the hostname that was affected, and if so, when and by whom.
  • If a test definition produced diffs that point to a production issue and, if so, who accepted or ignored them.
  • If a test definition did not produce any diffs that point to the production issue, were there test cases or comparisons that were excluded from the test run, and by whom were they excluded.
  • If there are notes on relevant diffs or test definitions.
  • If a regression test was run for a particular property version.
  • If on the production environment there is a problem with the new changes, you can check whether the changes were tested for this type of error. You can also check activity log for results of tests on affected hostname and compare functional and comparative testing results.