You wouldn't use all query parameters together in the same request. This table shows typical combinations for different types of requests:

Query parametersYield dataSample request
offsetSince a prior request./siem/v1/configs/7777?offset=1500390779
offset, limitSince a prior request, limited./siem/v1/configs/7777?offset=1500390779&limit=1000
fromSince a point in time./siem/v1/configs/7777?from=1499835600
from, limitSince a point in time, limited./siem/v1/configs/7777?from=1499835600&limit=1000
from, toOver a range of time./siem/v1/configs/7777?from=1499835600&to=1499875200
from, to, limitOver a range of time, limited./siem/v1/configs/7777?from=1499835600&to=1499875200&limit=1000

If a single request contains parameters for both modes, time-based mode takes precedence.