The Security Information and Event Management API allows you to capture security events generated on the ​Akamai​ platform in your SIEM application.

Use this API to get security event data generated on the ​Akamai​ platform and correlate it with data from other sources in your SIEM solution. Capture security event data incrementally, or replay missed security events from the past 12 hours. You can store, query, and analyze the data delivered through this API on your end, then go back and adjust your Akamai security settings. If you’re coding your own SIEM connector, it needs to adhere to these specifications in order to pull in security events from Akamai Security Events Collector (ASEC) and process them properly.

API Summary

See the API's various operations for details on their request parameters and response data:

Security Events
Fetch security eventsGET/configs/​{configId}