This object features contextual metadata about the set of security events included in each response and appears on the last line of the response body.

Sample final JSON line of the response body, expanded:

    "total": 10000,
    "offset": "71cca;3phZmEdPj6YEqml0rvbdWDZGW3mCiJIwjyhkJfsLFM2gVYPgE8-N_0CiLI9gwH0_4OJ87xDQ3b-gIsx_kEBdf7aaC_AvDpG9fMxypeaCma10FKrY9VKE",
    "limit": 10000
limitIntegerAppears if the size limit was reached during data fetch.
offsetStringIdentifies the last processed security event in a response. To fetch only those security events that occurred since the last pull, enter this value as an offset parameter.
totalIntegerThe number of security events included in the response.