Create a security policy

Use security policies to leverage ​Akamai​ Fast-IP Blocking (FIPB) to selectively allow or disallow individual or blocks of IP Addresses. You can create these policies yourself and associate them with existing slots.


Before you begin, you may wish to create new named lists to associate with your security policy. These named lists can be associated with your policy instead of, or in addition to, the named lists maintained by Akamai. To create a new named list, log in to ​Akamai Control Center​ and go to > WEB & DATA CENTER SECURITY > Security Configurations > Network Lists. Once created, named lists can be shared across policies.

To create a new security policy:

  1. Log in to ​Akamai Control Center​.

  2. Go to > IP SOLUTIONS > IP Acceleration.

  3. Click Security Policies.

  4. Click Create Security Policy.

  5. Enter a name for your security policy.

  6. Set the Network layer control mode. This is the default behavior of Fast IP Blocking.

    • Set to Allow if you wish to block individual IPs but allow traffic through by default.
    • Set to Deny if you wish to build a blocking whitelist and only allow traffic from the specified IP addresses.
  7. Associate named lists with your security policy by setting Firewall Policy for each relevant named list to Allow or Deny. Note that at least one IP named list must be set to Allow.

  8. (Optional) Add rate controls to your security policy.

    Rate controls allow you to block users temporarily if they exceed certain counters. Only one instance of each rate control type may be added to a policy.

    1. Click Rate Controls to open the Rate Controls tab.
    2. Specify the details for each rate control you wish to add.
  9. Associate your security policy with one or more slots.

    A security policy cannot be activated unless it is associated with at least one slot. Each security policy can be associated with any number of slots, but a slot may be associated with only one security policy.

    1. Click Match Targets to see the list of available slots.
    2. Select the slots you wish to associate with your security policy.
  10. Click Save to save your security policy. Your policy is saved in draft.

  11. Once you have reviewed your policy and are confident, select Activate from the Actions menu.