Configuration overview

​Akamai​ Professional Services does the initial setup and configuration of IP Accelerator. They will work closely with you to assess your current infrastructure, co-design your optimal delivery infrastructure, integrate existing applications, test, and deploy.

As part of this process, ​Akamai​ Professional Services configures your slots in ​Akamai Control Center​. To configure a slot, ​Akamai​ Professional Services needs the following information:

  • Accelerated hostname: The end user-facing hostname to be mapped to the origin server.

  • Origin hostname: The origin to which the accelerated hostname is mapped. Note that direct IP addressing is supported, but not recommended for production slots.

  • Architecture of the application: Is multi-origin configuration needed? Is a Server Name Indication (SNI) certificate required?

  • Open ports and protocols: For many application types, there is a default port. For example for HTTP the default port is TCP 80, and for HTTPS, the default port is TCP 443. However, IP Accelerator does allow you to set up custom ports.

  • Origin IP version: IPV4 or IPV6.

After initial configuration is complete, you can view your configuration settings in ​Akamai Control Center​.