Additional features

IP Accelerator offers the following additional features:

Support for IPv6

IP Accelerator supports end users accessing your application over IPv6.

Origin Access Control

​Akamai​ Origin Access Control (OAC) allows you to view and acknowledge changes in the ​Akamai​ server IP addresses published to ​Akamai Control Center​. This way, you can make sure your applications are served only from acknowledged IP addresses. Once the updated IP addresses are downloaded and accepted, they are immediately ready to be used in production.

Client Access Control

Client Access Control (CAC) allows you to view upcoming ​Akamai​ IP changes so that you can put appropriate processes in place to notify your own and your partner's IT administrators. This way, you can make any required changes to ensure continuity of service. CAC provides a mechanism to disclose a list of IP addresses to which end users are authorized to connect when accessing an IP-based application. The availability of this list is critical if your end users are behind firewalls that restrict outgoing traffic.

Multiple-Origin Configuration

Multiple-Origin Configuration (MOC) provides a clean and easy way for ​Akamai​ to make real-time decisions to direct application end user requests to better performing data centers, and apply instant failover techniques in the event of data center failure.

China CDN module

China CDN is a premium module that augments IP Accelerator with in-China delivery of content that is in full compliance with Chinese government licensing requirements. Servers hosted by partners in China are leveraged to provide additional acceleration of dynamic content. The servers deployed in mainland China leverage ​Akamai​ capabilities and fully interoperate with the ​Akamai​ Intelligent Platform. This results in improved application response times for application users in China.