How it works

IP Accelerator leverages the ​Akamai​ Intelligent Platform. This powerful platform is controlled by ​Akamai​’s software and is constantly monitoring Internet conditions in real time. Acting as an intelligent Internet overlay network, ​Akamai​’s servers route traffic around Internet congestion and ensure that application data travels the fastest and most efficient routes between endpoints. ​Akamai​’s Intelligent Platform offers tremendous scalability, self-healing, and fault-tolerance capabilities, as well as monitoring and control mechanisms.

Delivery of application content via the ​Akamai​ Intelligent Platform proceeds as follows:

  1. Each end user request is directed to an ​Akamai​ EdgeServer via ​Akamai​’s intelligent DNS.
  2. Upon receiving a request for content, an ​Akamai​ EdgeServer retrieves the appropriate content from the origin data center and delivers the resulting content to the requesting user.

Trips to the origin server to refresh and retrieve content are optimized via proprietary shortcuts which reduce latency and improve application performance.

how IPA works