Clone a key collection version

You can create a version of a key collection by cloning its previous version. By doing so, you can edit selected fields in a pre-populated configuration page, without entering all details from the beginning.

  1. In Token Access Control, click Manage next to an appropriate key collection name.

  2. On the key collection name page, click the version that you want to clone in the list of all versions.

  3. On the version page, click Clone version.

    You can see the cloned version in a new window and can edit the existing configuration.

  4. In the Create new version window:
    a. In Description, enter a description of the key collection version.

    b. In Primary Key, upload the primary RSA or ECDSA public key for the JWT signature verification.

    c. Optional: In Secondary Key, upload the backup RSA or ECDSA public key that you want to use to verify the JWT signature in case the primary key fails.

    See Key rotation.

    d. If you do not want to make any additional changes to the cloned key collection version, click Create.

    You can see the collection version in the list of the key collection's versions assigned with the highest number.