Asynchronous processes

There are four asynchronous operations in Edge Diagnostics API: Translate Error String, Launch a GREP request, Run the URL health check, Run the Connectivity problems scenario, and Run the Content problems scenario.

The process in these operation is very similar. You submit a request and, depending on the amount of data to fetch, you may either get the whole response right away or an object consisting of retryAfter, requestId, and link members. In the second case, after the number of seconds stated by retryAfter passes, you can either GET the link or run the corresponding operation to get the results using the returned requestId.

The only difference in these operations is GREP. For GREP you can also request logs using the separate, synchronous Get specific logs operation. However, this works only if you have the specific link to GET the data from or you know the exact request parameters. If you provide request parameters for which Edge Diagnostics doesn't find logs, you get the validation error.