Edge Diagnostics API

Edge Diagnostics allows you to diagnose your server, DNS, and network problems from ​Akamai​ servers around the world.

Once you extend your web content onto the ​Akamai​ edge network and apply various ​Akamai​ features to accelerate and manipulate content, you need to be able to troubleshoot any problems your users may encounter. With Edge Diagnostics API you can diagnose common problems you may experience when delivering content to your users, except for China CDN.

Check these descriptions to learn more about the available categories of operations and operations they include.


These operations fetch data required by other operations.

Client to Edge

These operations let you primarily diagnose issues in the traffic between a client and edge servers. You can also use these tools for other issues.

  • Translate Error String. This operation returns details, including logs, about an error with a specific reference code.
  • Collect and check user diagnostic data. If users of a particular domain are experiencing similar issues, generate a diagnostic link and send it to the users. After they click it, Edge Diagnostics gathers diagnostic data for users to submit. You can then use the Get diagnostic data of a group operation to check the gathered data and start troubleshooting. If you generated more than one link, use the List groups operation to check their details.


These operations get basic data from an edge server.

Edge to Origin

These operations let you primarily diagnose issues in the traffic between an edge and origin server. You can also use these tools for other issues.

  • Request content with cURL. This operation provides the raw HTML for requests from any IP address or location. You can use it to verify, if users can connect to a URL, check request and response headers, and test the URL with interjected headers.
  • Get domain details with dig. This operation returns a typical dig response. You can use it to get DNS details for a hostname of domain name from a particular location or edge server IP. The results may help you diagnose issues with domain name resolutions.
  • Test network connectivity with MTR. This operation checks the traffic between a location or an IP belonging to an edge network and an IP or a hostname. With this, you can verify if the traffic between a specific source and destination suffers packets' loss or latency.

Problem scenarios

If you're not sure where the problem is and which tool could help you identify the issue, use Problem scenarios.

In Problem scenarios you'll find several tools stitched up. With one request you run several tools and get the data and suggestions necessary to identify the cause of the issue.