Site Shield requests

You can run five operations for a Site Shield hostname:

Test network connectivity with MTR is different from other operations as you run the request for specific test and target IPs of a hostname.

For other operations, you need to use the runFromSiteShield member to mark the URL of the request as a Site Shield hostname. With runFromSiteShield set to true, Edge Diagnostics verifies if a Site Shield map is available for the URL. However, depending on other provided data, Edge Diagnostics runs the request in different ways.
If you:

  • Provide only edgeLocationId or edgeIp, Edge Diagnostics finds an edge server in that location or with that IP and uses it to run the operation.
  • Provide edgeLocationId and set runFromSiteShield to true, Edge Diagnostics finds the Site Shield machine in the location and runs the operation from there.
  • Only set runFromSiteShield to true, without edgeLocationId nor edgeIp, Edge Diagnostics finds any Site Shield machine and uses it to run the operation.