Get error statistics

Returns HTTP status codes distribution statistics from delivering a URL or CP code based on the nine-second traffic sample from the last two minutes. You can filter the results by delivery and errorType. The delivery is the delivery type of your resource, either ENHANCED_TLS or STANDARD_TLS. The STANDARD_TLS value returns data for the HTTP traffic with Standard TLS hostname, whereas ENHANCED_TLS for the HTTPS traffic with Enhanced TLS hostname. Without this filter, Edge Diagnostics checks on its own the type of delivery used by your resource and returns data for it. If your resource uses both delivery types, then Edge Diagnostics returns data for the type which got all data collected faster. If you choose the delivery type not used by your resource, then the results are empty. If you want to add this filter, you can run the Get an edge hostname operation in Edge Hostnames API to confirm the delivery type used by your resource. It is returned as the securityType value. The errorType filter is for the traffic's direction. The EDGE_ERRORS value returns data for the traffic between a customer and an edge server and ORIGIN_ERRORS between the edge server and the origin. Without this filter, Edge Diagnostics returns data for both directions.

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