Availability report

The SLA availability report gives you an indication of the availability of the Akamai platform to your site. The SLA availability test is sent every six minutes, so there are ten tests every hour. You can have only one availability test per contract.

Understand failures and outages

To interpret availability reports you need to understand the difference between a failure and an outage:

  • A failure is a single instance of the availability test that did not succeed.
  • The availability test records a potential outage only when two consecutive availability tests report a failure in the same region when your origin was available but our content delivery network (CDN) was not.

Each SLA availability test attempts to retrieve a test object via two methods: one request directly to your origin (origin test) and one request over our content delivery network (CDN test). If the origin test succeeds but the corresponding CDN test fails, the SLA test is reported as a failure.


A failed origin test likely means there's an issue with your origin and doesn't indicate an outage of our CDN.

There are several reasons an SLA test can report a failure even if the CDN is operating as intended. For example, a problem might affect the measurement server itself and not the network it is testing. By requiring two consecutive failures in the same region to report a potential outage, the availability test limits false positives while allowing you to monitor the CDN’s availability effectively.

Availability report features

The main part of the availability report shows a summary of this information:

  • Overall Availability. The percentage of time in the selected date range for which no potential outage was detected
  • Number of CDN Test Failures. A count of the CDN tests in the selected date range that reported a failure
  • Number of Origin Test Failures. A count of the origin tests in the selected date range that reported a failure

The last two also indicate which region is configured for your SLA availability test.

To see a list of the SLA availability test failures, expand Show Error Details.