Jul 30, 2021 — New image transformations

  • Artistic transformation of Fit and Fill: Resizes an image to fit within a box of a specified size, then uses a blurred version of that same image to fill the transparent space at the edges.
  • Image transformation to support circle crop: Trims the image to fit the geometry of a circle, which is commonly used for profile or avatar images.

Jun 30, 2021 — Image & Video Manager updates

  • Animated GIF to mp4 conversion (Experimental): You are now able to convert animated GIFs to MP4 videos for additional byte savings.
  • Simplified Product Onboarding (SPO) added: You can now use our SPO assistant to enable Image and Video Manager on a new property, which will help you to get going with IVM quickly and easily. To learn more about SPO, see their June 3, 2020 release note.
  • Dashboard: View the top video URLs based on number of seconds delivered.

Jun 8, 2021 — Image & Video Manager updates

  • Shared Policy Sets: You can now reuse policies sets and share them across multiple properties belonging to the same contract. Any changes to the shared policy set are reflected globally across all associated properties.
  • New Policy Manager UI BETA: To access the New UI, click the Switch to beta button on the Policy Manager page. We have launched a revamped beta version of the Policy Manager UI that introduces following improvements:
    • A change in workflow to allow creation of policies via the new UI.
    • Better accessibility of policy sets and policy actions.
    • Clearer reflection of the concept of policies being contained within policy sets.
    • Additional information about policies and policy sets on the landing page.
    • Changes to default settings, including: default Perceptual Quality set to Medium High, default resolution set to 1080px for Apple devices, and modernized default breakpoints.
    • A cleaner, simpler, more organized look.
  • Troubleshooting: We have added guidance for troubleshooting issues you may encounter when working with Image and Video Manager. To learn more, see Troubleshooting.
  • Image format: We have added experimental support for the HEIC/HEIF image format for derivative image creation.

Apr 7, 2021 — New policy filters and AVIF image format

  • Dashboard: you can now filter by policy set, then filter by specific policy.
  • New image format: AVIF image format for derivative image format creation is now supported as an experimental feature.

Mar 5, 2021 — Dashboard and network improvements

  • Dashboard:
    • Enhanced CP Code Selection & Date Filters
    • Export CSV for Top Hits and Largest Pristine Components
    • Export CSV for Unprocessable Content
  • Network:
    • Dynamic TTL support.
    • Continued improvements to network related to scalability and reliability
    • Improved handling of large animated GIFs

Nov 5, 2020 — Image & Video Manager updates

  • Dashboard: Most Requested Image Widths is now available.
  • The copy-to-clipboard icon now appears when user hovers over URLs on the Un-processable Images and Videos reports and Video Analysis reports.
  • The show un-processable images enhancement is now available.

Oct 6, 2020 — Image & Video Manager updates

  • New transformation: Aspect Ratio Crop changes the height or width of an image, by cropping or expanding the area, to an aspect ratio of your choosing.
  • Dashboard:
    • Additional data about image formats and quality levels more visible on the screen.
    • Updated the hover text for the Quality Level Distribution metric.
    • Renamed the JXR content type to JPEG-XR and JPG to JPEG for accuracy and consistency.
  • WebP support: with iOS 14, Safari 14 supports WebP. Image and Video Manager automatically sends WebP derivative images to Safari when appropriate.
  • Event Viewer in Akamai Control Center now records Image and Video Manager - Policy Manager events and details.
  • API updates: You can now use the API to view the log and error details that the Image and Video Manager API generates for images and videos over the last three days. The API also lists the range of HTTP status codes along with their likely causes.
    For more information refer to the List log details section and the List error details section in the Image Manager API v2 documentation.

Aug 6, 2020 — The Fast Activation feature and Dashboard optimization

  • To decrease deployment times when activating or updating policies, Image and Video Manager now supports Fast Activation.
  • Dashboard: the links to the Top Hit Videos and Largest Pristine Videos by Byte Size are now clickable and include the hostname.

Jun 30, 2020 — Three new Experimental transformations

  • New transformations available on staging or on pre-production traffic:
    • Remove Color – removes a specified color from an image and replaces it with transparent pixels.
    • Chroma Key – changes any color in an image within the specified volume of the HSL colorspace to transparent or semitransparent.
    • Mono Hue – sets all hues in an image to a single specified hue of your choosing.
  • Policy Rollout Speed Recommender: provides multiple rollout periods to choose from when activating a policy on production. To help you select a rollout option we’ve included policy insights about the number of hits or percentage of your total traffic in the last 24 hours.

May 1, 2017 — Cookie headers stripped

To ensure security of sensitive information, rules containing the Image and Video Manager behavior no longer allow Request Cookie matches.