Oct 6, 2020 — Image & Video Manager updates

  • New transformation: Aspect Ratio Crop changes the height or width of an image, by cropping or expanding the area, to an aspect ratio of your choosing.
  • Dashboard:
    • Additional data about image formats and quality levels more visible on the screen.
    • Updated the hover text for the Quality Level Distribution metric.
    • Renamed the JXR content type to JPEG-XR and JPG to JPEG for accuracy and consistency.
  • WebP support: with iOS 14, Safari 14 supports WebP. Image and Video Manager automatically sends WebP derivative images to Safari when appropriate.
  • Event Viewer in Akamai Control Center now records Image and Video Manager - Policy Manager events and details.
  • API updates: You can now use the API to view the log and error details that the Image and Video Manager API generates for images and videos over the last three days. The API also lists the range of HTTP status codes along with their likely causes.
    For more information refer to the List log details section and the List error details section in the Image Manager API v2 documentation.