This section provides details on the API's common response to error cases, and lists the API's range of response status codes for both error and success cases.

Error responses

If an error occurs, this API responds with JSON objects that provide information you can use to debug the problem. For example:

    "type": "/sandbox-api/error-types/property-manager-search-failed",
    "title": "We were unable to find the specified Property.",
    "detail": "No match found for search 'PropertyId=123'",
    "instance": "/sandbox-api/error-instances/d26808a4-fd0f-411c-801f-ab20ee4f455a",
    "status": 400,

For details on information contained in the error responses, refer to Error response syntax.

Error types

The API returns error messages that follow this URL pattern /sandbox-api/error-types/{error}.

bad-requestThe request is not valid.
conflictThe requested operation could not be performed because of a conflict with an existing resource.
cpcode-creation-failedThere is a problem creating a CP code for the sandbox. Specify the CP code to use with the sandbox.
cpcode-not-foundCP code does not exist.
duplicate-nameThe requested operation could not be performed because the name you specified already exists.
duplicate-propertyThe requested operation could not be performed because more than one property was found.
edgeworker-tarball-validation-failedThere is a problem with validating the tarball file.
errorAn unexpected error has occurred.
forbiddenYou don’t have permission to access this resource.
hostname-conflictThe requested operation could not be performed because of a conflict with an existing property hostname.
invalid-create-from-propertyThe createFromProperty request is not valid.
invalid-argumentThe argument is not valid.
invalid-create-requestThe create sandbox request is not valid.
invalid-request-hostnameThe request hostname is not valid.
invalid-rule-tree-behaviorThe rule tree behavior is not valid.
invalid-parameterOne or more parameters are invalid.
message-not-readableThe input object contains invalid JSON.
method-not-allowedThe specified method is not allowed for this endpoint.
metadata-validation-errorThere is a problem with validating the property configuration.
not-authorizedYou are not authorized to access this service.
not-foundThe resource cannot be found.
not-clonableThe sandbox resource cannot be cloned.
property-manager-api-errorThere is a problem related to the Property Manager API.
property-manager-search-failedThe property cannot be found.
property-manager-api-validation-errorThe Property Manager API rule tree could not be validated.
quota-limit-exceededThe requested operation cannot be performed because it exceeds the quota limit.
request-hostnames-emptyThe request hostnames must not be empty.
unsupported-media-typeThe specified media type is not supported.
upgrade-failedThe sandbox cannot be upgraded because it is not associated with a property. Follow the instructions to Create a sandbox.

HTTP status codes

This section lists the full range of response codes the API generates.

200The operation was successful.
201The resource was created.
204The request was successfully processed.
400Bad Request.
403Access is forbidden.
404The resource was not found.
405The method is not allowed.
409Conflict with current state of resource.
415Unsupported media type.
500Internal server error.