For on-demand transformations and testing, you can add these optional query string parameters to a website's image URLs:

imformatEnumerationRequests a specific browser type. Supported browser types are chrome, ie, safari, generic. By default, Image and Video Manager detects the browser and returns the appropriate image.
imwidthIntegerRequests an image with a specific width.
impolicyStringRequests to apply a specific image policy.

You can combine the impolicy, imwidth and imformat query parameters in a single request to perform several transformations. Here are some examples of using these query strings individually and
grouped together:

  • Returns the best image, in these format types: JPEG, PNG, GIF, and JPEG 2000 for the Safari browser.

  • Returns an image the next size up from the 300px width defined in the query parameter. In this case, assuming the .auto policy is used, Image Manager returns the 320px image.

  • Combines image001.jpg with an image the policy provides and returns a composite image.

  • Returns an 320px image with the company logo added, and in the format best for Safari.