Click the link to download the Identity Cloud REST API Postman collection.

The Legacy Clients and Settings API manages API clients and applications. As the word "legacy" implies, however, this API no longer represents the preferred way to programmatically manage API clients and applications. Instead, we recommend you use the Configuration API for those purposes. The legacy API is still supported and the operations still work. However, the Configuration API is easier to use, covers more ground, and fits better with modern REST API syntax and standards.

If you decide to use the Legacy Clients and Settings API, the API offers the following operations:

  • Clients operations. Create, delete, and modify API clients.

  • Settings operations. Make changes to your Identity Cloud infrastructure settings.

Accessing the Legacy Clients and Settings operations

The Legacy Clients and Settings API uses the following operations syntax:


To access your client and setting endpoints, replace {registrationDomain} with the name of your Identity Cloud Capture domain, and replace {operation} with the name of the operation you want to use.

For example: