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An alphabetical list of ​Akamai​ products and tools

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Account ProtectorPrevent credential stuffing and mitigate human Account Takeover (ATO).
Adaptive AccelerationView which rules Adaptive Acceleration applies to a property, and generate new rules.API
Adaptive Media DeliveryDeliver high-quality streaming video optimized to available bandwidth in real time.API
Akamai CLIManage ​Akamai​ services from the command line.CLI
Akamai Cloud EmbedImplement a proprietary content delivery network (CDN) for your customers.API
Akamai Cloud Embed: Custom Domain HTTPS OrchestrationDeliver your customers’ vanity domains securely via HTTPS with Akamai Cloud Embed.
Akamai Guardicore SegmentationDetect breaches and stop ransomware by applying network segmentation controls.
​Akamai MFA​Provide secondary authentication to cloud, on-premises, web-based, SaaS, and IaaS applications.APICLI
AlertsGet notified automatically of changes in your origin infrastructure and content-delivery patterns.API
API AccelerationImprove the performance, security, and scalability of your APIs.
API DefinitionsRegister and manage your APIs to enable security, delivery, and governance.API
API DiscoveryDetect and assess unprotected APIs to add them to your API definitions.API
API GatewayRegister, manage, and deliver your APIs efficiently and securely over the ​​Akamai​​ network.API
API Keys and Traffic ManagementCreate and manage API keys. Control your API traffic with quotas and throttling.API
API SecurityIdentify attack vulnerabilities and learn about detected behavioral attacks against your APIs.
App & API ProtectorFend off DDoS floods, malicious bots, and sophisticated web application attacks.APICLITerraform
Application SecurityManage your configurations for Kona Site Defender, Web Application Protector, and Client Reputation.APICLITerraform
Audience Hijacking ProtectionProtect users from unwanted redirects to other websites, and reduce fraud and privacy risks.
Aura Licensed CDNDeliver IP video, premium web content, and CDN services while reducing network traffic and costs.
Aura Licensed Multicast SolutionShare the same multicast stream for high traffic events using this LCDN extension.
BillingAccess your account’s monthly usage of ​Akamai​ services.API
Bot ManagerWelcome the bots you want and mitigate those you don’t.APICLITerraform
Brand ProtectorMonitor and mitigate threats to your brand and web assets.API
Case ManagementManage support requests to resolve issues with your ​Akamai​ applications and services.API
Certificate Provisioning SystemGet full life cycle management of SSL certificates for your ​Akamai​ CDN applications.APICLITerraform
China CDN ManagerManage the lifecycle and monitor the status of your property hostnames on ​Akamai​'s China CDN.API
Client Access ControlRestrict access between your origin infrastructure and ​Akamai​ edge servers based on CIDR blocks.API
Client ListsFilter traffic using this successor to Network Lists, offering more list types and easy management.APITerraform
Client ReputationStop malicious clients, based on ​Akamai​’s visibility into prior behavior of individual IP addresses.APICLITerraform
Client-Side Protection & ComplianceProtect your website from Magecart and other data skimming attacksAPI
Cloud Access ManagerSecurely store and manage access keys for cloud origins independent of your property.API
Cloud InterconnectsEstablish a private connection with Google Cloud Provider to reduce egress costs at the origin.
Cloud WrapperSeamlessly connect your publicly stored media delivery content to the ​Akamai​ edge.APITerraform
CloudletsSolve specific business challenges using value-added apps that complement ​Akamai​'s core solutions.APITerraform
CloudTestOptimize your approach to load testing with a scalable global platform.API
Content Protector Detect and mitigate sophisticated web scraper bots on your webpages.API
ContractsProvide ​Akamai​ contract identifiers and associated products to other APIs, using this microservice.API
Control CenterConfigure your ​Akamai​ services, monitor performance, and resolve user issues from this dashboard.
CP Codes and Reporting GroupsAccess detailed information about CP codes, edit their parameters, and group them for billing.API
DataStream 2Monitor activity on the ​Akamai​ platform and send live log data to a destination of your choice.APITerraform
Developer Tools IntroStart integrating with developer tools.
Diagnostic ToolsDiagnose DNS and network problems from ​Akamai​ servers around the world.APICLI
Direct ConnectEstablish a dedicated physical connection to the edge platform from within a data center.
DNSi AnswerX Cloud and SPS ShieldDeliver a fast, secure, and personalized user experience, with intelligent recursive DNS.API
DNSi AnswerX LicensedUse ​Akamai​'s recursive DNS to deliver fast, secure, and personalized experiences on your carrier network.API
Download CenterDownload files that support your ​Akamai​ products.
Download DeliveryDeliver software downloads effectively, reduce latency, and optimize large file delivery.
Dynamic Site AcceleratorImplement network optimizations to deliver rich, dynamically generated content at scale.
Edge DiagnosticsDiagnose your server, DNS, and network problems from ​​Akamai​​ servers around the world.APICLI
Edge DNSReplace or augment your DNS infrastructure with a cloud-based authoritative DNS solution.APICLITerraform
Edge HostnamesManage how requests for your site, app, or content are mapped to ​Akamai​ edge servers.APITerraform
Edge IP BindingDeliver traffic from a small, static set of IP addresses in an ​​​Akamai​​ scalable manner.
EdgeKVAdd a key-value store database to your serverless compute logic and build data-driven applications.APICLITerraform
EdgeWorkersExecute JavaScript functions at the edge to optimize site performance and customize web experiences.APICLITerraform
Enhanced Content Control UtilityRefresh content cached on the edge network based on directory, file extension, or other logic.API
Enterprise Application AccessManage and control remote access to your applications.APICLI
Event CenterConfigure events, reporting, and alerts in Event Center.API
Event ViewerMonitor and analyze Control Center events.API
Firewall Rules NotificationGet notifications of CIDR block changes on the edge network so you can update your firewall rules.APICLI
Global Traffic ManagementUse load balancing to manage website and mobile performance demands.APICLITerraform
Global Traffic Management Load FeedbackSubmit load data for a Global Traffic Management domain in either JSON or XML.API
Global Traffic Management ReportingGet read-only reports on Global Traffic Management's real-time statistics.API
Identity and Access ManagementCreate users and groups, and define policies that manage access to Control Center applications.APITerraform
Identity CloudAdd secure, cloud-based identity management to your websites or apps.API
Identity Cloud: AuthenticationCreate and employ authorization codes, access tokens, and verification codes for Identity Cloud.API
Identity Cloud: ConfigurationCreate and maintain flows, fields, forms and other user experience elements.API
Identity Cloud: Custom ProvidersEnable users to login and register by using a social login identity provider.API
Identity Cloud: Entity and EntityTypeManage user profiles and user profile databases.API
Identity Cloud: Hosted LoginManage user logins and registrations by using OAuth and OpenID Connect.API
Identity Cloud: Legacy Clients and SettingsManage application and API client settings.API
Identity Cloud: SIEM Event DeliveryAggregate and analyze security events on your website or app.API
Identity Cloud: Social LoginConfigure and maintain social logins and the social login process.API
Identity Cloud: WebhooksReceive near real-time notifications of events taking place on your site.API
Image and Video ManagerAutomate image and video delivery optimizations for your website visitors.APICLITerraform
Infection MonkeyTest a data center’s resiliency to perimeter breaches and internal server infection.
InvoicingDevelop your own tools to track invoice files, and keep others updated about their status.API
IonDeliver better user experiences for websites and mobile apps with intelligent performance automation.API
IoT: Edge ConnectProcess and deliver data for connected IoT devices in real time.API
IoT: Edge Connect Message StoreStore and access messages in a key-value datastore without maintaining dedicated storage servers.API
IoT: Edge Message StreamRead aggregated messages from topics related to IoT Edge Connect.API
IoT: OTA UpdatesSecurely update vehicle-specific software over cellular networks.API
IoT: Token Access ControlManage the public keys that authenticate JSON web token requests for IoT devices.API
IP AcceleratorEnables delivery of enterprise IP apps to globally distributed users quickly, securely, and reliably.
Kona Site DefenderProtect against DDoS and web application attacks, and keep up with evolving security threats.APICLITerraform
LinodeAdd a compute instance so you can build, release, and scale applications faster with virtual machines.APICLITerraform
Live Archive ManagementArchive live streams in HLS and DASH formats for use as video on demand (VOD) content.API
Log Data LocalizationLocalize edge traffic data in the European Union (EU).
Log DeliveryView, update, and delete scheduled log deliveries, and adjust details of your log delivery setup.API
Media Analytics PluginsIntegrate analytics plugins with players and view data in customizable dashboards.
Media Delivery ReportsMonitor traffic for Adaptive Media, Download Delivery, Akamai Cloud Embed, and Object Delivery.API
Media Services LiveBroadcast live streaming events reliably at scale.API
Media Services Live ReportsMonitor traffic for Media Services Live solutions.API
mPulseFix performance issues and improves user experience with real-time performance monitoring.API
mPulse BeaconsSend beacons from any web or mobile application to mPulse.API
mPulse BoomerangMeasure the performance characteristics of real-world page loads and interactions.
mPulse QueriesFetch aggregate data and receive a JSON response with mPulse data.API
mTLS Edge TruststoreManage full lifecycle of your CA sets used for Mutual TLS authentication between your clients and the ​Akamai​ edge network.API
Native App Traffic Protection SDKDetect and defend against bot activity and account takeover in your native mobile applications.
NetStorageStore content for digital optimization and flexible data transfer.API
NetStorage Usage APIManage your NetStorage content using various HTTP methods.API
Network ListsAutomate the creation, deployment, and management of lists used in ​Akamai​ security productsAPITerraform
Object DeliveryDeliver static embedded objects such as images, JavaScript, CSS, PDFs, and XML over HTTP.
Origin IP Access Control ListProtect your origin server by restricting access to a small and stable list of IP addresses.
PowerShellMake calls to many of our APIs with a consistent interface using our PowerShell module.
Prolexic AnalyticsView and analyze data about DDoS attack activity, diverted traffic, and scrubbed network packets.API
Prolexic IP Protect ConfigurationShield your site from DDoS attacks by diverting traffic and scrubbing network packets.API
Prolexic Network Cloud FirewallDefine and manage inbound access control lists (ACLs).
Property ManagerDefine rules and behaviors that govern your website delivery based on match criteria.APICLITerraform
Purge CacheRefresh or remove specific cached objects, by URLs, content provider (CP) codes, or cache tags.APICLI
ReportingGenerate custom reports to monitor and optimize your ​Akamai​ services.API
SandboxCreate an isolated development environment to test code changes locally before deploying to the CDN.API
Script ManagementMinimize JavaScript performance impact by retrieving or creating Script Management policies.API
​Secure Internet Access EnterpriseProtect users in your organization from malware, phishing, and other threats.CLI
​Secure Internet Access Enterprise Configuration APIProtect users in your organization from malware, phishing, and other threats.API
​Secure Internet Access Enterprise Reporting APIAnalyze enterprise traffic for security, acceptable use policy, DNS activity, or IOC events.API
Secure Internet Access MobileGet clientless protection for mobile and IoT SIM-enabled devices from malware, phishing, and other threats.API
Security CenterReview data visualizations of security events, traffic, and attack activity.
Service-Level AgreementAccess the SLA test configurations and the resulting reports.API
SIEM IntegrationIntegrate third-party SIEM applications with ​Akamai​ security solutions.API
Site ShieldHide websites and applications from the Internet and restrict clients from accessing the origin.APICLI
TerraformManage and provision your Akamai configurations in Terraform.
Test CenterRun functional and comparative tests to check how configuration changes affect your configuration.APICLI
Web Application ProtectorProtect your website against DDoS and web application attacks, while reducing effort and overhead.APICLITerraform