Object versioning

The API supports these response media types:

  • application/json
  • application/vnd.config-gtm.v1.0+json
  • application/vnd.config-gtm.v1.1+json
  • application/vnd.config-gtm.v1.2+json
  • application/vnd.config-gtm.v1.3+json
  • application/vnd.config-gtm.v1.4+json
  • application/vnd.config-gtm.v1.5+json

The application/json type is synonymous with the earliest application/vnd.config-gtm.v1.0+json version, regardless of the number of other versions added over time as the service evolves. API clients may choose to adopt the new resource versions, or stay on the initial v1.0 version until the need arises to upgrade. For example, upgrading to a v1.4 domain lets you disable liveness tests. Each new version of the object adds more data members, with none removed along the way. Clients should specify the exact version of the representation, for example:

Accept: application/vnd.config-gtm.v1.0+json