July 31, 2023 — Edge DNS updates

This Edge DNS release includes the following new features.

  • New look and feel in UI. The user interface uses the latest angular framework and its cleaner style.

  • Zone transfer now. With this self-service action, Edge DNS will transfer the current contents of a zone from the primary (master) name servers on demand.

  • Zone Protection and Takedown Limited Availability. Zone Protection provides domain monitoring for look-alike domain names across the Internet. Takedown provides a means to disrupt use for domains that infringe intellectual property and perform malicious activities such as phishing attacks.

  • Enriched Control Center events. Edge DNS events contain more information about zone-setting changes such as primary name server changes.

  • New traffic reports with NXDOMAIN security analytics and geographic heat maps. Two new traffic reports provide domain security analytics and geographic heat maps: Edge DNS Today, Edge DNS Zone Detail.

  • Record counts and top NXDOMAINs. The new Edge DNS Zone Detail traffic report provides record-level counts and top NXDOMAINs.

  • The Edge DNS Zone Detail report presents hits per second over time, record-level counts, and top NXDOMAINs for selected time frames. Record-level counts are helpful to learn about use at the label level. Top NXDOMAINs help characterize and understand a common attack vector known as random subdomain, where an attacker gains control over a subdomain of a target domain.

  • Log Delivery Service Connector. Edge DNS supports the Akamai Log Delivery Service Connector library for destinations such as Splunk and Wazuh. With this library, SIEM and analytic tools can intake DNS transaction logs for analytics and filtering, which is useful for identifying events such as random subdomain attacks. The library also provides an option to load all records across all zones for analysis.