June 26, 2023 — Enterprise Application Access updates

Enterprise Application Access (EAA) new software release.

​Akamai​ EAA new features

Configurable Access Denied Page for ACL failures - Ability to redirect end users to a Custom URL or a Customizable EAA Access Denied Page when a user's access is denied due to an Access Control. Supported when using Akamai IdP.

Akamai Zero Trust Client - The Enterprise Application Access (EAA) portal interface now supports the Akamai Zero Trust Client​ (ZTC). The ZTC combines the functionality of the EAA and the Enterprise Threat Protector (ETP) clients into a single client. The ZTC also provides the ability to auto-upgrade from one client version to another.

Ability to migrate applications to a new Cloud Zone - Customers may want to move some or all their applications from one DPOP to another closer DPOP for better performance. Migrate Cloud Zone in Bulk action on your Applications list page allows you to do the migration quickly.

EAA Docker Connector for Client-access applications - The EAA Docker connector now supports both clientless and client applications providing EAA administrators an additional choice of environments in which to run EAA connectors. This also provides the ability to run additional software within a Docker pod, such as anti-malware, providing additional security for those organizations who require it.