Welcome to Direct Connect

Akamai Direct Connect is a high performance network connection between your origin infrastructure and Akamai's Intelligent Edge Platform. It provides direct connectivity between the platform and a router in your data center or colocation environment.

Product support over Direct Connect

Akamai Direct Connect is used together with Akamai's media delivery solutions, App and API performance solutions, and IP acceleration.

  • To deliver media content, use Akamai Direct Connect with Adaptive Media Delivery, Object Delivery, Download Delivery, Cloud Wrapper, or Media Services Live.
  • To deliver reliable and accelerated web experiences, use Akamai Direct Connect with Ion, API Acceleration, Image & Video Manager, Dynamic Site Accelerator, Global Traffic Management, Resource Optimizer, and IP Application Accelerator.

For more information, see Products supported for use with Akamai Direct Connect.


  • First mile reliability, performance, and service consistency that is gained through a 10 Gbit/s or 100 Gbit/s direct physical connection to Akamai.
  • Enables reduction of the exposed threat surface of your origin infrastructure by allowing you to restrict public connectivity.
  • Reduces IP transit costs by providing direct connectivity to the Intelligent Edge Platform.

Akamai Direct Connect provides value if:

  • You want to achieve broadcast quality for live streaming media.
  • You want to deliver high-quality web experiences at scale.
  • You are in, or geographically close, to one of our many global points of presence, see Locations supported.


Direct connectivity for origins in the cloud

If your origin is in the cloud; Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services (AWS), and you are looking for direct connectivity options, contact your Akamai sales team. Akamai also has cloud solutions. See Cloud Computing Services to get started.