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Connect directly to the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform™ to increase performance and improve security.

Direct Connect is a high performance network interconnection between your origin infrastructure and the Intelligent Edge Platform. Direct Connect lets you connect to the platform without using a third-party IP transit provider. It provides private connectivity between the platform and a router in your data center or colocation environment.

Direct Connect provides a physical connection to the Intelligent Edge Platform, but in order to get streaming media content to viewers you still need an Akamai product, such as Adaptive Media Delivery, Object Delivery, Download Delivery, or Media Services Live in your contract.


This diagram shows how Direct Connect interfaces with your network.



The benefits of Direct Connect include:

  • Cost: Reduce IP transit costs by providing direct connectivity to the Intelligent Edge Platform.
  • Security: Protect your origin infrastructure by limiting public connectivity.
  • Redundancy: Provide a primary and backup link that connect to Akamai from different locations. If the primary link shuts down, the secondary takes over.
  • Reliability: Provide an independent link between your network and Akamai supported products.

Direct Connect can provide value if:

  • You want to achieve broadcast quality for live streaming media.
  • You operate your own infrastructure and routers.
  • You are sensitive to transit costs of origin traffic.
  • Your origin is located in or near a major metro area where Akamai offers Direct Connect.


Direct Connect won't work for you if your origin is in the cloud, or if your origin is geographically far from Direct Connect locations.

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