Configure Direct Connect

Follow these steps to set up Direct Connect.

  1. Review the list of Locations supported and determine if one or more fit your needs.
  2. Work with your Akamai representative to order a port in applicable regions based on your requirements.


If you use redundant ports, ensure that you order enough ports to handle port failures. Keep track of your router traffic. If you observe that the existing capacity is not enough, then you might want to order more ports.

  1. Once the port orders are received, a work order is created and your Akamai representative sets up the router port.
    • Rejected: will specify a reason.
    • Pending: if port is in Requested state.
    • Ready To Connect: once the port is in this state, you'll get a notification to download the LOA-CFA letter which you'll bring to the data center.
  2. Download the Letter of Authority and Connection Facility Assignment (LOA-CFA) confirming setup details from Control Center > ORIGIN SERVICES > Direct Connect

  1. Take the LOA-CFA letter to the data center or colocation facility so that a physical connection can be made to a Direct Connect router.
  2. The data center facilitates the connection and sets up the link.
  3. Provide your BGP prefixes and information about your connection to your Akamai representative so that Akamai can add them to the allow list.
  4. The prefixes are verified against well known route registries and an ACL is set up on the router for the approved prefixes.


Contact your Akamai representative to update the products that work with Direct Connect: Adaptive Media Delivery, Download Delivery, or Object Delivery. The Tiered Distribution behavior must be added to connect with the origin server via edge servers that have Direct Connect traffic enabled.

Once Direct Connect is set up, you'll be able to see details on your connections in Control Center.

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