About reporting groups

Reporting groups let you customize your billing details and manage them more flexibly. Unlike CP codes, reporting groups are not obligatory and it's totally up to you to decide whether you want to set up reporting groups at all. However, without reporting groups, you can only break down the usage information by contracts and products. When you use reporting groups, the Billing application adds up your traffic from all CP codes tied to a contract and product, and calculates the total usage cost per group.


A reporting group is associated with a contract and can only contain CP codes from that contract. However, each CP code can belong to multiple reporting groups.

Learn by example

Imagine you have 10 CP codes for 10 different websites on a contract. You can add half of these CP codes to Reporting Group 1 and the other half to Reporting Group 2. Your bill will then include the subtotals for each reporting group.

Traffic impact

Adding to or removing CP codes from a reporting group affects the traffic going forward. If you add or modify a reporting group and want to see how it affects your billing data, reach out to your account team to regenerate historical reports.