Thwart web scrapers

Unchecked scraping activity can negatively impact your website and your business. Scraper bots can skew conversion and cart abandonment rate data. You could be wasting the money you spend on follow-up advertising because it's bots that left your purchase flow, not humans. If you pay cloud providers by request, scraper bot activity can raise your costs, and hurt your site's availability for real paying customers. Your competitors may be using scraper bots to undercut your prices.

Scraping has grow more sophisticated in recent years, so our threat team has developed a novel approach that lets you see the extent of scraping activity on your site and fend off these expensive requests.

Akamai Content Protector introduces a set of custom detections uniquely able to detect scrapers and stop them. Get started and learn how to set up this innovative and effective solution by reading the Content Protector online guide (login required).