You have options when it comes to protecting your APIs

Use App & API Protector

First, you can use App & API Protector to cover both your website and your public APIs. API protection features discover and mitigate API threats in requests that run through the Akamai Connected Cloud.

To set up API protection, you just need to take a few extra steps to:

  • specify where your APIs live, by registering them in our API Definitions app

  • make sure you include them in security protections scope, by associating their hostname and, if you use App & API Protector with Advanced Security Module, creating an API Match Target for each one you want to cover with a security policy.

API Security

Do you expose your APIs to partners, suppliers, and users? For comprehensive discovery and visibility into behavior across your entire API estate, look into using our API Security service, which is platform-agnostic. API Security discovers your APIs, understands their risk posture, and analyzes their behavior. This service determines specific responses you should take to mitigate vulnerable or compromised API traffic.