Review the CIDR List screen fields

Once you access the CIDR List application, review the fields listed in the following table before continuing with Review and download proposed CIDR Lists.

These fields provide information about whether you need to update your Access Control List for your ​Akamai​-hosted applications

CIDR Lists Application

Configuration Nameall your Client Access Control configuration names.
Statusthe status of your CIDR block list. Options include:
  • green checkmarkgreen checkmark No new CIDR blocks are currently proposed. No additional actions are required at this time.

  • orange exclamationorange exclamation There are proposed updates to your CIDR block list. Please review and update the list as soon as possible.

  • red exclamationred exclamation For new configurations, indicates that you need to acknowledge the initial list of proposed CIDR blocks. Acknowledge the CIDR blocks as soon as possible to avoid potential network issues.

Proposed Versionthe latest version of CIDR blocks proposed. If there are no updates to the CIDR blocks, the following text displays: No new version.
Acknowledge-By Datethe suggested date for changing the CIDR blocks.

If there are no updates to the CIDR blocks, the following text displays: No new version.

Important: If you have not made the changes to your CIDR block list by this date, then your allow list will not match the new IP addresses. Network performance degradation may occur if these lists don't match.

If you are not able to complete the confirmation by the date suggested, contact your ​Akamai​ account representative.

Current Versionthe current version of CIDR blocks serving your Client Access Control configuration. The first version is always 0.

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