Acknowledge that you have updated the CIDR Lists

Once you update your firewall's allow list with the list of CIDR blocks proposed by ​Akamai​, you must confirm that you made this change.


The new CIDR block list isn't applied to an application until you complete the tasks in this section. Failure to acknowledge the updated list can result in reduced network performance for your application.

  1. Go to > CDN > Client Access Control.

  2. Verify whether a new version number displays in the Proposed Version column.

  3. If a new version has been proposed.

    1. Under Available CIDR Versions, expand the new version.
    2. Review the list of CIDR blocks.
    3. If you want to use the newly proposed version, repeat the following tasks before continuing with this section: Review and download proposed CIDR Lists and Update the CIDR Lists on your network.
  4. Under Available CIDR Versions, expand the version you want to acknowledge.

  5. Click Confirm Proposed CIDRs.
    The Please Confirm screen displays.

  6. On the Please Confirm screen, click OK to confirm that you updated your allow list and are ready to acknowledge the list of CIDR blocks.