Create, update, or delete an include and its rule tree.

  • To use non-declarative includes without behaviors, your rules and includes can use any supported rule format version as long as both your rules and includes are the same version.
  • To use declarative includes with behaviors, your rules and includes must use a rule format no earlier than v2023-01-05. For information on updating to a later version, see Update rule format
  • To delete an include, run terraform destroy.
resource "akamai_property_include" "my_example" {
    contract_id = "ctr_C-0N7RAC7"
    group_id    = "grp_12345"
    product_id  = "prd_Object_Delivery"
    name        = "my new include"
    rule_format = "v2023-05-30"
    type        = "MICROSERVICES"
    rules       = file("${path.root}/property-snippets/main.json")


Send your account IDs, a name for your include, and the rule format it follows in the declaration.

contract_id‚úĒÔłŹYour contract's ID.
group_id‚úĒÔłŹYour group's ID.
product_id‚úĒÔłŹYour product ID to include the prd_ prefix. See Common identifiers for a list of product IDs.
name‚úĒÔłŹA human-readable, descriptive name for your include.
rule_format‚úĒÔłŹA versioned rule schema and set of available behaviors and criteria. If not provided, we apply the latest rule format by default.
rulesThe path to an include's rules in JSON format.
typeSpecifies the type of include. Used for filtering. One of:
  • MICROSERVICES. Allows different teams to work independently on different parts of a single site.
  • COMMON_SETTINGS. Use for configurations that share a large number of settings, often managed by a central team.


Setting an output option returns to you a computed set about your include that contains its ID among other details.

idYour include's ID.
nameA human-readable, descriptive name for your include.
rule_formatYour include's versioned rule schema.
rulesYour include's rules in JSON format.
rule_errorsAny rule validation errors. You need to resolve returned errors as they block an activation. For more on errors, see Validation errors
rule_warningsAny rule validation warnings. You can activate a version that yields less severe warnings.
latest_versionThe most recent version of the include.
staging_versionThe include version currently activated on the staging network.
production_versionThe include version currently activated on the production network.
typeYour include's type.