Returns information about all available bot detection methods. Bot detection methods are used to help determine whether a request came from a bot or from a human being.

Use the detection_name argument to return data only for the specified detection method.

Scopes: Universal (all bot detection methods); bot detection method


terraform {
  required_providers {
    akamai = {
      source = "akamai/akamai"

provider "akamai" {
  edgerc = "~/.edgerc"

// USE CASE: User wants to return information for all bot detection methods

data "akamai_botman_bot_detection" "detection_methods" {

// USE CASE: User only wants to return information fpr the Impersonators of Known Bots detection method

data "akamai_botman_bot_detection" "detection_method" {
  detection_name = "Impersonators of Known Bots "

output "detection_method_json" {
  value = data.akamai_botman_bot_detection.detection_method.json

Argument reference

This resource supports the following arguments:

  • detection_name (Optional). Unique name of a bot detection method.

Output options

The following options can be used to determine the information returned and how that returned information is formatted:

  • json. JSON-formatted output containing information about your bot detection methods. The returned information includes a Boolean field indicating whether the detection method is active or inactive.