Application load balancer activation


Use the akamai_cloudlets_application_load_balancer_activation resource to activate the Application Load Balancer Cloudlet configuration. An activation deploys the configuration version to either the Akamai staging or production network. You can activate a specific version multiple times if you need to.

Before activating on production, activate on staging first. This way you can detect any problems in staging before your changes progress to production.


resource "akamai_cloudlets_application_load_balancer_activation" "example" {
  origin_id = "alb_test_1"
  network = "staging"
  version = 1
output "status" {
  value = akamai_cloudlets_application_load_balancer_activation.example.status

Argument reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • origin_id - (Required) The identifier of an origin that represents the data center. The Conditional Origin, which is defined in Property Manager, must have an origin type of either CUSTOMER or NET_STORAGE set in the origin behavior. See property rules for more information.
  • network - (Required) The network you want to activate the policy version on, either staging, stag, and s for the Staging network, or production, prod, and p for the Production network. All values are case insensitive.
  • version - (Required) The Application Load Balancer Cloudlet configuration version you want to activate.

Attribute reference

The following attributes are returned:

  • status - The activation status for this load balancing configuration.