Edge hostname


Create or update an edge hostname. An edge hostname is the CNAME target to which you direct your site's traffic.

Akamai supports three types of edge hostnames, depending on the level of security you need for your traffic: Standard TLS, Enhanced TLS, and Shared Certificate. Include a specific domain suffix for your edge hostname type in the edge_hostname argument.

Edge hostname typeDomain suffixExample

On update of an edge hostname's IP behavior, you also need to include the status_update_email argument with a set of notification email addresses.


resource "akamai_edge_hostname" "terraform-demo" {
  product_id    = "prd_Object_Delivery"
  contract_id   = "ctr_1-AB123"
  group_id      = "grp_123"
  edge_hostname = ""
  ip_behavior   = "IPV4"

Argument reference

This resource supports these arguments:

  • contract_id - (Required) A contract's unique ID, including the ctr_ prefix.
  • group_id - (Required) A group's unique ID, including the grp_ prefix.
  • product_id - (Required) A product's unique ID, including the prd_ prefix.
  • edge_hostname - (Required) One or more edge hostnames. The number of edge hostnames must be less than or equal to the number of public hostnames.
  • ip_behavior - (Required) Which version of the IP protocol to use: IPV4 or IPV6_IPV4_DUALSTACK.
  • status_update_email - (Conditionally required) A set of comma-separated change notification email addresses.
  • use_cases - (Optional) A JSON encoded list of use cases.
  • certificate - (Optional) Required only when creating an Enhanced TLS edge hostname. This argument sets the certificate enrollment ID. Edge hostnames for Enhanced TLS end in You can retrieve this ID from the Certificate Provisioning Service CLI .

Attributes reference

This resource returns this attribute:

  • ip_behavior - Returns the IP protocol the hostname will use. Either IPV4 or IPV6_IPV4_DUALSTACK.


resource "akamai_edge_hostname" "example" {
  # (resource arguments)

You can import Akamai edge hostnames using a comma-delimited string of edge
hostname, contract ID, and group ID. IDs must be in this order:

edge_hostname, contract_id, group_id

For example:

$ terraform import akamai_edge_hostname.example ehn_123,ctr_1-AB123,grp_123