The Fast Purge API provides a programmatic interface for you to purge edge content. In this version, purge your own set of URLs or ARLs (Akamai resource locators), or any content grouped under a content provider (CP) code or cache tag. Delivery products such as Ion, Adaptive Media Delivery, Dynamic Delivery, and Dynamic Site Accelerator all support Fast Purge. If you're using a legacy Content Control Utility (CCU) API to purge content, see the migration instructions to convert your API programs to use Fast Purge.

To purge by a directory or extension, use the Enhanced Content Control Utility API.

If you're a developer, website architect, or content administrator, you can also use the Akamai Control Center interface to purge content. For details on how to get started with the Fast Purge interface, see Quick start.

For more information about Fast Purge, see Purge mechanisms and Invalidate and delete methods.

Who should use it

As a developer or architect, consider this use case: you’ve activated a faulty piece of content on the edge network, followed up and activated a fix. You can use Fast Purge API to make the corrected content available immediately despite default cache settings.

The API also comes with a CLI version that you can set up as a task within automation tools such as CircleCI or Jenkins.

For more information on content control using TTL (Time to Live) methods, refer to Time to Live (TTL) in Cache.